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Building Homes

Hey There

We are a foundation started by the therapists at Empower Therapeutic Services, Chris Mawhinney, LPC and Anna Kirkley, LPC. It is no secret that therapists have a tendency to want to save the world and not ever charge a dime for doing so, and also that this is not very practical. We have decided to focus on our corner of the world (Missouri) and while we want to not charge a dime, realistically, services do cost money. However, some of the populations we hope to help include 

  • People who cannot afford therapy

  • People who struggle with housing stability

  • Veterans

  • People involved in major life transitions such as re-entry after prison, rehab, hospitalization or people who are starting over after a disaster, personal crisis or other life detour.

  • And many others

More about us

We are a 501(c)3 organization located in Columbia, MO. As we were started by the owners of Empower Therapeutic Services, we also currently share a space with them. But our real work is out in the community. We have a dream of generating funds to pay for therapy services when someone is lacking insurance or cannot afford services. We would like to increase housing opportunities for multiple populations, help to educate the general population and other helping professionals about mental health, and meet people where we find them with the needs they bring to us. 





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